5 Tips To Use Home Staging Services

If you have put your home or apartment on sale, you surely might be turning every stone to make your home look beautiful, be it your interior home design or exterior home design. Every seller and buyer agrees that it is look of house that makes first impression and helps in accelerating the sale process and help selling at better price. But as it seems, it is not easy to do home staging yourself.

This is why people are increasingly referring to professional home staging. Mostly, home staging orange county companies focus on enhancing the interiors and give an attractive look to your space, there are also other points that one should keep in mind while home staging. Five most important things to remember are explained as below:

home staging

  • De-personalize the Space

You should always remove the personal belongings from the house. For instance, if there are any family pictures in display, you should remove them. With your personal touches, the buyer does not feel connected with the space and hence, might be reluctant in buying. On other hand, de-personalized space is easy to be related with and buyer readily accepts it.

Go Neutral with Colors
When you opet for staging the home, foremost thing to do is re-paint the rooms with neutral shades. It leaves room for open imagination and buyer is free to fill the colors as per their own visualization when they look at your home.  So, it surely increases the probability of your home to get selected by the buyer.

Make Rooms Appear Larger
You should always focus on making the rooms appear larger. To do so, you can always opt for smaller and compact modern furniture. This would free up space and empty rooms look bigger. You can also work to brighten up the space. Use light colored curtains and keep them open.

Opt to Rent out Furniture rather than Buying
Home staging is all about putting right furniture at right place. Generally, the furniture is what makes the largest part of your budget. Fortunately, there are outlets that can rent you furniture. So, you need not buy costly furniture. Rather, you can get that on rent and spice up your rooms till they get sold.

Stage all the Rooms
When you have already decided to stage your home, then always opt to stage all rooms and not just the drawing room. The partially staged home is the biggest mistake that most of homeowners do. A shabby room after having looked at staged room looks even shabbier. So, always stage all the rooms. However, you can always cut down on budget on side rooms.

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